Stream Bushy B’s New Mixtape ‘HBCU’

Miami rapper Bushy B delivers his new mixtape HBCU.

Bushy B is giving the acronym “HBCU” a brand new meaning with his new mixtape. As a student of Florida Memorial University, the Live House rapper may have channeled the familiar code for “historically black colleges and universities” as the theme for his latest body of work. However, HBCU means something completely different to Bushy.

His meaning of HBCU stands for “heart break causes understanding,” which is absolute facts. Bushy establishes his understanding of the wild world we live in today and the “Freaky Deaky” relationships we find ourselves in with 14 rare tracks. Among stand out solo tracks like “Heartbreaks” and “Pull A You On You,” the mixtape also features the OG Ice Billion Berg, HashtagTalia, and production from Rippa On Da Beat (Bitch!).

Stream Bushy B’s HBCU mixtape below.

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