New Music: Apathy ft. M.O.P. & Celph Titled “STOMP RAPPERS”

Apathy & Celph Titled link up with Brownsville’s M.O.P to take out the wack MC’s in “STOMP RAPPERS.”

Veteran wordsmith Apathy is on a mission to eliminate the competition by any means. With his Demigod Killers and M.O.P. on his side, he knows he’ll win instantly. The Connecticut native throws bows and slings venomous bars in his brand new single “STOMP RAPPERS.” Apathy comes through swinging in the first verse followed by Celph Titled, who gives POTUS a reckless wake-up call.

“Somebody tell the President to wake up
It looks like there’s a monster with my genetic makeup
I think a meteor was orbitin’ Florida
Crash-landed through my door
And then I started absorbin’ the sort o’ force”

The Demigodz tag in Billy Danze and Lil Fame to end the lyrical melee. “STOMP RAPPERS” is the last single to drop before Apathy’s forthcoming album The Widow’s Son hits the ‘Net on March 2. Pre-order the album now and listen to “STOMP RAPPERS” now.

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