New Music: BZZY “Briana”

Broward County wordsmith BZZY drops his new single “Briana” and announces his new album.

BZZY is on a whole new wave. The rapper formally known as Bizzy Crook spent the past year shedding off the final reminisces of his juvenile moniker to allow his new alias to fly free. Less than a month into the New Year, BZZY is ready to hit the ground running to prepare his loyal fans and his haters for his upcoming album.

“I changed my name because I am at a new place in my life,” BZZY told VIBE. I’ve evolved as an artist and as a human being, and it’s been a tough journey. At times, I’ve felt lost and I’ve made songs that my heart wasn’t comfortable with because I thought I had to. I thought I had to make songs for the radio, and clubs to play. BZZY marks a new beginning. I finally found my voice as an artist. I know who I am. I’ve never been so sure of myself.”

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His first single of 2018 is an ode to a fearless, independent woman he falls for named “Briana.” In the song, BZZY describes his relationship with Briana, who favors the lavish lifestyle and does whatever it takes to get what she wants. Instead of bringing her down, BZZY embraces her and encourages her not to dwell on judgement from anyone.

“Briana” is the first offering off BZZY’s upcoming album Before I Jump. The follow-up to his 2016 project A Part Of Everything signifies the death of Bizzy Crook, and the birth of a lyricist with a revitalized will to live.

“While creating this album I literally feel like I was going insane,” BZZY said. “Life was becoming overwhelming. Exhaustion, constant mental breakdowns, in and out of depression, losing faith. It’s the highs and the lows. It’s very bi polar because I’m starting to think that’s what I am. On this album, I am on the verge of suicide, and these are the last moments leading up to it. I’m probably going to hurt a lot of people I love because of the truths I’m speaking. These are the things I have to get off my chest before I jump.”

There’s no confirmed release date at the moment, but look out for Before I Jump coming soon. Listen to “Briana” below.

This article first appeared in VIBE.

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