New Album: Sylvan LaCue ‘Apologies In Advance’

Florida’s own Sylvan LaCue delivers his long-awaited album Apologies In Advance.

Sylvan LaCue is a unique breed amongst the new generation of Florida artists, and his new album Apologies In Advance proves it. Within the last year, we’ve seen more and more hip-hop artists shift their focus on mental health to the point to where they are rapping about their therapy sessions the way Jay-Z did in his 4:44 single “Smile.”

The Florida native delivers 12 records that encourage people to be unapologetic about focusing on themselves. Songs like “Guilt Trip,” “Selfish”, and “Head Games” bring past transgressions, moments of self-doubt and an abundance of other emotional situations everyone gets caught up in at some point in their lives. LaCue hosts a 12-step group therapy session throughout the album that allows listeners to reflect on what they’ve heard.

Get lifted and vibe to Sylvan LaCue’s new album Apologies In Advance below.

This article first appeared in VIBE.

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