Meet The Inaugural Battlemania Champions: Radio Jamez, DJ OnDa Beat & Jay Hit Up


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Radio Jamez is a master of turning crowds all the way up, and knows South Florida’s nightlife like the back of his hand. During every round at Battlemania, everyone was making noise for his mix. The 25-year-old mixer can sense what his audience wants to hear whether he’s playing at the #1 college events in South Florida, conquering every dance floor at Heart, or SWAYin in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. When he’s not bringing the sounds of the streets to the clubs, Jamez is breaking music on Stamped In Da Streetz radio and performing at events all around the city.


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In one of the most intense battles of the night, DJ OnDa Beat did the most to dominate the competition and keep the crowd lit at the same time. The room echoed with cheers from the crowd for every beat he dropped. For the unfamiliar, the Liberty City native is Live House Music Group’s in-house beatmaker. He’s produced a handful of city’s most trending records like Ice Billion Berg’s “Real Spill,” which incited the viral #RealSpillChallenge. He’s also cooked up street bangers for Lil Dred, Bushy B, Major Nine, and Kiddo Marv. Check out DJ OnDa Beat’s full catalog here.


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Jay Hit Up was a relentless force throughout the battle. He played intense defense by using his gritty bars to stand up against any challenger he came across. In the final round, Jay’s militant flow triumphed over his opponent to earn the championship. The Fort Lauderdale native, who describes himself as a South florida rapper with “an early 2000s [Lil] Wayne sound” in his YouTube page, is preparing to drop his upcoming project XXXL on Dec. 3. Check out the intro to the project here.

Relive Battlemania 2017 below, and get ready for Battlemania II coming 2018.

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