NetWork-N-Chill Ep. 3 ‘The Drop’ Ft. Paper Brigade & More

Paper Brigade speak on their new project PBLA on the ‘NetWork-N-Chill’ podcast.

Right before the end of 2016, the ‘NetWork-N-Chill’ podcast hosted our inaugural event called “The Drop” in honor of Paper Brigade’s listening session for PBLA inside The Archives in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale. For episode three, we sat down with Paper Brigade rappers Fortune, Vivo, and Robzilla to talk about their new project after they played it for the first time in front of their fans. The 5-track EP features new music that was inspired by their previous work trip to Los Angeles.

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As we chopped it up with them in the back, the store was filled with fans of the Broward County based rap group, and of course the show. They enjoyed shopping for various shoes and dope apparel and rocked out to the sounds of DJ Purse First. A handful of local MC’s like Jae Mazor, Yung Gordon, Jasiel Faraon, O Z aka Mr. 28 Grams, Goodluck rapper Bonez, and club DJ KC Chopz came through to join us as we celebrated the official first preview of Paper Brigade’s third project.

Catch episode three of ‘NetWork-N-Chill’ below.

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