Camp Lo & Ski Beatz Stun Hip-Hop Heads With Their ‘On The Way Uptown’ Album [STREAM]

Camp Lo and Ski Beatz surprise the masses with their collection of unreleased demos entitled On The Way Uptown.

Camp Lo first enticed hip-hop heads around New York City and beyond with their first ever single “Coolie High.” In the late ’90s, Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede of Camp Lo dropped off their debut album Uptown Saturday Night featuring major production from Ski Beatz, who was famous for his work with a young Jay Z. The 15-track album was just the beginning of their historic and heavily slept on career. 20 years later, the duo continues to impress the game as if they were newbies on the block.

At the top of 2017, the Bronx-based rap group reunited with Ski to drop off the gem of all gems with their latest project. On The Way Uptown is their unreleased collection of 17 demos and records that never made Uptown Saturday Night as well as original versions of songs like “Krystal Karrington,” “Luchini AKA This Is It,” and “Sparkle.”

Stream Camp Lo and Ski Beatz’s On The Way Uptown below.

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