Exclusive: Jhené Aiko Explains ‘Trip 17’, Reflects On Art Basel In Miami & More [VIDEO]

Jhené Aiko expresses her newfound love for Art Basel, speaks about her new offerings in 2017, and more.

Jhene Aiko arrived at the Maps Backlot in Wynwood ready for her debut performance at Art Basel. REVOLT partnered up with Cadillac to premiere their exclusive #ArtofDaring series hosted by the Twenty88 singer, revered photographer Jonathan Mannion, and visual artists Aerosyn-Lex Meštrović, Shantell Martin, and Derrick Adams. As the radiant pink shined brightly in the limelight, Aiko pulled up to the scene with the other half of Twenty88, Big Sean. She was excited about the event, but even more hype for her first time Baseling.

“This is my first time at art basel, and I love it,” Jhené said after her show. “Now this is something that every year I want to go.”

After a private viewing of the collection, eager art lover invaded the venue to gather around Aiko as she delivered a brief, yet intimate set. She performed her latest single “Maniac” following her joint album with her other half. Aiko also brought out “The Worst” in her audience then showed them how its “Posted To Be.” She also performed an unreleased recording called “Hello Ego.”

During her tour with Wiz & Snoop Dogg, Jhene’s set-up is meant to keep her comfortable while her fans get cozy with her eclectic mix of melodic tunes and party jams. For Red Bull 30 Days, she performed in her hometown of L.A. and moved her actual living room set from her bean-bag chair down her rug on stage to give off all the positive vibes possible.

“I like party songs so like to break it down when I can,” she said as she reminisced about her past performances.

“In L.A. I performed at a dispensary. I did this thing with the dispensary where I just tweeted about it like an hour before and people showed up. It was a really exclusive show, and I would love to do something like that. We handed out edibles and everything. Everyone was so high.”

The homie Amanda Barona aka “ThatDancer” got to chop it up with Jhené after her performance at REVOLT & Cadillac’s “#ArtOfDaring” series. Check out the highlights of their conversation below.

AB: The cover art for “Maniac” is awesome. Will the music video reflect the theme?

Jhené Aiko: For “Maniac,” all the clips we did we actually produced those visuals just to make those clips for the cover art. I called it an art project because it’s not really single or a music video. It’s just pictures, but I called it an art project. When did the song, I felt like it was a song that is different side of me that not many people are familiar with. True fans are familiar with all my sides because I’ve been talking crazy since the mixtapes. It was just something that I really wanted to release just for the people who are waiting on new music from me.

Is the project called Trip 17? I know it’s in the bio.

Trip ’17 is another offering that I’m going to offer all of my fans and new fans and people who enjoy all types of art. It’s another art project. It’s something I’ve been working on since my brother passed away in 2012. I say three years because that’s when I actively started working on it, but it’s really been since 2012 compiling all these things and getting everything right with the writing and drawing. It’s a real art project that I’m trying to make sure I have ready by next year. As long as I’m alive I’ll be creating beautiful things and sharing them. So yeah, I’ll be putting out albums, whatever you can think of, babies, music, visuals, movies, poetry books, painting, all of that.”

You also dropped a shoe this year correct?

I did collaborate with Teva. It’s a sandal and I actually collaborated with them because I go to Hawaii often and my great-grandmother is from Hawaii. The first time I hiked there, I was looking for a sandal that I could hike and I bought their sandal. I tagged them in my photo and a year later they contacted my team. I was their first artist collaboration with a singer. I was very honored and I look forward to many more collaborations and opportunities.

Is there a possibility of a solo tour?

For me, I’m a songwriter, singer, and poet. My favorite type of shows are the more intimate. So definitely when I get to a big tour in an ideal world, I want to do a big tour where I can set up a residency at a coffee shop or lounge. I’ll be in the city for a week and you can come through and relax. I’m all about being relaxed, fun and comfortable. I’m not in the business of trying to impress people.

Solo album is on the way, after the solo project another twenty88 album. Will there be a tour for that?

I mean yea that’s what I ask the label and the people that I work with. Can I get a tour?

All Photos By: Teekay/3pm Media for REVOLT

Photo Credit: Teekay/3pm Media for REVOLT
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