New Video: Johnny Brooks “Till Then”


SoFlo native Johnny Brooks absorbs the humble vibes while soaking up the sun on South Beach in his “Till Then” video.

Newcomer Johnny Brooks isn’t your average flashy rapper like most of the new cats you’ll find on the ‘Net. He keeps it thorough and humble, yet he knows how to flex just enough to make the haters mad. In Brooks’ latest video, we catch him at the bar taking shots of his favorite dark liquor while playing a game of pool and grinding up on a shorty.

Later on, we catch the singer and rapper living the lavish life as he rides jet ski’s in South Beach. You won’t catch him stunting with bottles in the club or flaunting a stack of dollar bills in a post in order to garner a fake following on the ‘Gram, but he’ll do whatever he can to show the world he’s worthy of stardom.

Watch Johnny Brook’s in his new video for “Till Then.”

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