99 JAMZ’ Supa Cindy Reveals How Rick Ross, Scrilla & Sam Sneak Created “Supa Cindy” [VIDEO]


Supa Cindy tells us the backstory behind her self-titled single from the MMG squad.

It was a studio session that she’ll never forget. 99 JAMZ morning show host Supa Cindy remembers being in the lab with Rick Ross, Scrilla and Sam Sneak when Rozay cooked up the idea to make and dedicate his next single to her. Last week (Sept. 28), Cindy gathered a group of bloggers, tastemakers, and Miami’s top DJ’s, like Stevie J and DJ Meat, for an exclusive premiere of “Supa Cindy,” which will release via Empire Records and her new media imprint CinD Media.

“Basically, they were vibin’,” Cindy said at Midtown Studios in Miami. “All of a sudden, Ross started referring to everything that was fly, or something liked as ‘Supa Cindy.’ I was like ‘Why is he doing that?’ At first I laughed it off, then he was like ‘Yo let’s do a song called ‘Supa Cindy!'”

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Soon after, Cindy premiered the single for the first time for the exclusive crowd, including local artists like Ball Greezy and the man on the addictive hook Scrilla. The MMG artist stood alongside Cindy as he spit his verse. Ross and Sam Sneak couldn’t make it, but there was plenty of Wing Stop and Checkers for everyone on the block.

Check out the visual recap of the exclusive listening party for “Supa Cindy” below.

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