Young Lito Shares What 50 Cent’s Cosign Means To B$B Records [VIDEO]


Young Lito discusses what 50 Cent and his B$B boss Troy Ave’s relationship means to the label.

New York City rappers 50 Cent and Troy Ave weren’t cool at first, but they’ve been able to put their differences aside and squash their long standing beef. In a recent interview with Mikey T and Report Card Radio, Troy Ave’s artist Young Lito discussed the newly established alliance with 50 and what it means to B$B Records.

“That’s Ave favorite rapper,” Lito continued. “Before he met the n*gga that’s all Ave used to talk about. So, when he embraced us that shit was big. I also looked at it like I’m happy for my brother.”

Lito continues to praise the street mentality of the G-Unit chief and creator Starz’s “Power.” He also said that he feels 50 doesn’t let the money or fame make him “act funny.”

“50 one hundred. 50 a real n*gga,” Lito said. “See 50 one one them n*ggas like… you know he’s a rich n*gga, but you won’t tell. That n*gga cool. That n*gga gon’ mob with you in the spot, talk to you regular. He still got a street mentality and that’s how you gotta be. A lotta n*ggas get that money and act funny. We done been in the club and I’ll watch son. I’ll watch 50 and he still be like, on point. ‘Cause that’s how we is. We watch how n*ggas moving. And I like that… he official.”

Watch Young Lito’s recent interview below.

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