New Music: OYABUN “Mona Lisa” [Prod. By LeMieux]


Florida lyricist OYABUN puts us on to his new muse in “Mona Lisa.”

Palm Beach resident OYABUN says he will do anything for his “Mona Lisa” in his latest record. The Brooklyn-born rapper finds himself sing-rapping about his dream girl over a slow tempo accompanied by an eerie trap production, a sticky hook and slick verses dedicated to his gorgeous muse.

“Mona Lisa was created on experimental flows and eclectic instrumentation,” OYABUN told The Fader. “My goal was to really paint a picture of my modern day Mona Lisa.”

The South Florida rapper lists the ways he would flaunt Mona from blowing money fast on her, making her his “WCW” on Instagram, getting high with her, and giving her the world. Find out all about his new-aged “Mona Lisa” is on OYABUN’s new single produced by LeMieux below.

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Photo Credit: Savv Britt PR

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