Bobby Shmurda Speaks From Behind Bars Before His Upcoming Trial [AUDIO]


Bobby Shmurda speaks on his future career moves as he awaits for his prolonged trial to begin.

Earlier this week, my interview with Bobby Shmurda dropped exclusively on VIBE, which allowed the world to get a better understanding of what he’s been up to as he waits for his upcoming trial (as well as his GS9 brothers like Rowdy Rebel) to begin. Personally, it was great to hear Bobby in high spirits despite the numerous charges that are currently lingering over his head.

Outside his upcoming trial and why he supports Hillary Clinton, we could’ve talked about a plethora of other topics like the kind of screenplays he’s been writing or details about his upcoming plans to release an album upon his release. Since he’s been placed under 23-hour lock down at Rockland county, his phone time is extremely limited so we didn’t get to talk about everything. However, his story is definitely one of a kind and we can’t let him get lost in the abyss of the flawed judicial system.

I’ve decided to release the audio of our brief interview. You’ll hear how serious he is about his career moves once he reaches the outside. The audio also proves how positive he is after spending over a year in jail, and that he hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

Listen to the interview below. S/o to 1st Class Films.

Photo Credit: PIX11

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