Bang’Em Smurf Says 50 Cent Will “Knock Rick Ross’ Head Off” [AUDIO]


Bang Em Smurf comes to 50 Cent’s defense as his beef with Rick Ross heats up.

Rapper Bang’em Smurf says 50 Cent would clobber Rick Ross if he had the chance. The former G-Unit affiliate chopped it up with Mikey T The Movie Star and spoke about his thoughts on the boiling beef between the G-Unit founder and Ricky Rozay.

Smurf touches on what he thought about Ross bringing up family and taking it too far. Although they’ve had their own beef in the past, Smurf said 50 is a real street dude, who will escalate the situation as he sees fit. In part two of the interview, Bang’em Smurf also speaks his piece about the Meek Mill/Drake beef, which he labels Meek as the 2015 Ja Rule. Check out the interview below.

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