NEW MUSIC: Ghostface Killah & MF DOOM “Lively Hood”


It’s not DOOMSTARKS, but it’s a start.

Ghostface Killah and Doom continue to tease die-hard fans with a new collaboration. Since it seems like we’ll never get that DOOMSTARKS project, Killah and Doom delivered a new joint track for Adult Swim’s Single Series. It’s probable that the TV network knew they were messing with a humongous squad of Ghostface and Doom stans, so they let this rare gem go for the free. Listen to “Lively Hood” and download it below.

Hot Bars

“New York, New York big city of dreams
but some dreams get flushed out by terrible fiends
By all means, it’s 24 hours of work
Some n*ggas got that sour D, some n*ggas got that dirt.”

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