D’Angelo Set To Appear In His First Televised Interview In 10 Years [VIDEO]


D’Angelo is about to shock the masses with his new interview. How did PBS grab this?!?

It’s been 10 years since D’Angelo has blessed the public with some insight of what’s going on in his life. At midnight tonight (Sept 2), the legendary R&B artist will appear on PBS’ “The Tavis Smiley Show” to speak on everything to his 2014 Black Messiah, his extended hiatus and a brief reflection on his “Untitled” days.

In the promo that has been making its way about the Net, D’Angelo discusses how that particular video changed his life and career forever.

“Tavis: “how did videos, one video in particu-LAR….change your life?”

D’Angelo: “Let’s talk about ‘Untitled,” I think a lot has been made about me being negative to the reaction to that video, and too big of a deal has been made of that…in a lot of ways, it would bother me a lot of times, when, live, we were touring for Voodoo and I had this amazing band, The Soultronics…we were doing this amazing stuff musically, and a lot of times, the crowd, or a lot of ladies were just screaming ‘Take it off!’ And I kind of felt like a male stripper…”

LOL! The interview premieres Sept. 2 at midnight. Watch the promo below.

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